Mobile Phone Parts

Mobile phone parts can be used to repair any damaged parts, letting you get your phone back in working order. Available mobile phone parts include charging ports, screens and even speakers. The parts you choose will largely depend on the type of phone you have, the part that is broken and even the amount of expertise it takes to fix it. Ensure you choose a part that's compatible with your phone model.


Phone screens are one of the most popular replacement parts. Phones are often dropped on the floor and, when the screen cracks, sometimes it can be impossible to use it at all. New phone screens are sold according to the dimension of the phone itself and even the type of phone. Some phone screens are thicker than others, and some let in more brightness from the backlight as well. Both LCD displays and digitisers are available on their own or as a single unit.

Back Covers

Phone covers are another very popular mobile phone part. Back covers can become cracked, worn out or even lost over time. The back cover you choose depends on your model of phone and the size and fitting of your phone. Back covers come in many different colours and it is usually not possible to find one that is unbranded as they are made to fit specific phones and specific models.

Charging Ports

Charging ports are vital components of a phone as a damaged or broken port can stop the phone from charging. This part may be difficult to replace so consider taking it to a professional.

Replacement Batteries

If your phone's battery no longer holds charge efficiently, or if you're looking for a spare one to ensure that your phone stays topped up, you can buy replacement batteries for specific phone models.